September 13, 2008

airport Flyover by October 08

The 1.6-km flyover under construction near the airport will be ready for use by mid-October.
A total of 26 spans hold the bridge on which construction began in April 2005 at a cost of Rs.98 crore.Various factors delayed the flyover work, the NHAI authorities said. Initially, land acquisition problem held up the work. Shifting of service utilities took more time than anticipated. Officials of the Airports Authority of India said due to the inordinate delay in the completion of the flyover work, they had to face a lot of problems. At the exit point of the airport, there was no warning or signboard. The condition of road at the exit point was very bad. The situation worsens during rain
Those who were heading for the airport could use the stretch. Once the works were over, the facility would ease the congestion.Click here for latest info

padi flyover by mid-oct 08

This flyover was expected to open in mid october,as the work is going in full swing.
Click here to know the current status of the project.

September 12, 2008


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Chennai Elevated ExpressWay - Port to Madhuravoyal

The Government of India, Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways
has proposed to construct an Elevated Expressway from Chennai Port to Maduravoyal
and included it in the NHDP Phase-VII. This Elevated Expressway was originally
proposed to be constructed from Chennai Port to Maduravoyal along the banks of
Cooum River. The Government have also in the G.O read above, granted in principal
approval to the NHAI for using one side of the Cooum River as per site conditions for
construction of the Elevated Expressway subject to certain conditions. But now, the
NHAI has proposed to change the alignment in such a way that the Elevated
Expressway would pass-over the existing Poonamallee High Road from Maduravoyal to
Koyambedu and then go along Cooum River. The estimates of the project have been
worked out at Rs.1468 crores including the R&R and LA components amounting to
Rs.345 crores. The NHAI has therefore requested to issue an appropriate amendment
to the G.O read above. The Chairman, Chennai Port Trust has requested the consent
of the State Government to share the cost of Land Acquisition and R&R on the basis of
50:50 between Chennai Port Trust and Government of Tamil Nadu. He has also
requested the State Government's support for shifting of utilities, erection of
encroachments etc.

September 11, 2008

Germany offers black money data, India dithers

Investigators in India might have their best chance yet to trace those Indians who have stashed away millions in the tiny tax haven of Liechtenstein, a small landlocked country between Austria and Switzerland, provided the Manmohan Singh government asks for the information on offer.

The dope on hundreds of rich Indians who have black money parked in Liechtenstein could be made available to the authorities here as the German government, which has obtained a list of account holders at Liechtenstein’s LTG Bank, is willing to part with the names.

Several countries including the US, the UK, Canada, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Ireland have already used the opportunity to zero in on their citizens who have evaded taxes and smuggled their wealth to the principality, the sixth-smallest country in the world. But Transparency International says India has maintained 'a stoic silence over the issue and has not approached the German government for this data'.

Expressing concern over the Indian government's apparently lackadaisical attitude in getting after offenders who have cheated the tax authorities of millions of dollars is quite surprising and the Indian chapter of TI - an organization campaigning to reduce corruption - has urged the government to take all necessary steps to seek the data.

Admiral R H Tahiliani, chairman if TI India and a former navy chief, said: ‘‘This money belongs to the people of India and it is possible that it has been tucked away in this distant country by those who have acquired it illegally and are now evading taxes.

"There should be complete transparency and accountability about this money and it is for the government to find this out and inform people," Admiral Tahiliani, said, referring to the black money stashed away abroad.

Indeed, the offer looks too good to refuse. It is a bit like being served secrets on a platter and if the government does not waste time looking a gift horse in the mouth, it could get data that might otherwise never be accessed given the laws that protect tax havens that often require specific proof of criminality.

In fact, the dice is invariably loaded against investigators - for example the Hindujas were able to delay proceedings in the Bofors case by challenging each application filed by CBI.

Suspecting that the government's chariness could stem from fears that influential politicians and industrialists might be compromised by the Liechenstein data, TI has, in a statement, said: "It is alleged that this money belongs to rich and powerful politicians, industrialists and stock brokers and that is why the reluctance on the part of government of India (to get details from Germany)."

Liechtenstein, like Switzerland, St Kitts, Canary Islands, Antigua and Bahamas, has been a haven for wealthy people to hide their ill-gotten wealth away from the prying eyes of tax authorities. Referring to reports, TI mentioned that German intelligence agency - BND - has details of about 800 clients of LTG Bank - run by Liechtenstein’s ruling dynasty - and prosecutors are using this information to target suspected tax evaders.

"The ministry of finance and PMO have, however, not shown much interest in finding out about those who have their lockers on the secret banks of Liechtenstein which prides itself in its banking system," TI said.

Referring to such banking systems, TI also said that secretive and non-transparent tax havens could be used for money that is related to drugs and terrorism. These accounts have been frequently used to channel money for purchase of arms.
Sources:Times of India

September 10, 2008

Indian black money in swiss bank is 13 times more than indian foreign loan

இந்தியா ஏழை நாடல்ல... ஏழையாக்கப்பட்டிருக்கும் நாடு என்பதை நிரூபிக்கும் விதத்தில் அதிர்ச்சித் தகவல் ஒன்றை வெளியிட்டுள்ளது தொண்டு நிறுவனம் ஒனறு.

அவர்கள் வெளியிட்டுள்ள தகவலின்படி, சுவிஸ் வங்கியில் இந்தியர்கள் சிலர் பதுக்கி வைத்திருக்கும் கறுப்புப் பணத்தின் மதிப்பு மட்டும் ரூ.64 லட்சம் கோடியாம் (1456 பில்லியன் டாலர்கள்)!!

இந்தியாவுக்கு தற்போதுள்ள வெளிநாட்டுக் கடனைவிட 13 மடங்கு அதிகம் இந்தக் கறுப்பு பணத்தின் அளவு என்பது குறிப்பிடத்தக்கது.

சமுதாயத்தில் மலிந்துவிட்ட லஞ்சம் மற்றும் நேர்மையின்மை குறித்து பொதுமக்களுக்கு விழிப்புணர்வு ஏற்படுத்தவும், அதற்கு எதிராக போராடவும் தேசத்தின் மதிப்பு மீட்பு அறக்கட்டளை (பவுண்டேஷன் பார் ரெஸ்டோரேஷன் ஆப் நேஷனல் வேல்யூஸ் -எப்.ஆர்.என்.வி.) என்ற அமைப்பை சுவாமி பூமானந்தா தொடங்கியுள்ளார்.

இந்த அமைப்பில் சுப்ரீம் கோர்ட்டு முன்னாள் தலைமை நீதிபதி எம்.என்.வெங்கடாச்சலய்யா, தொழிலதிபர் ரத்தன் டாட்டா, டெல்லி மெட்ரோ ரெயில் கார்ப்பரேஷன் நிர்வாக இயக்குனர் இ.ஸ்ரீதரன், மத்திய விஜிலென்ஸ் முன்னாள் கமிஷனர் என்.விட்டல், கல்வி ஆலோசகர் விபா பார்த்தசாரதி ஆகியோர் ஆலோசனைக்குழு உறுப்பினர்களாக இடம் பெற்றுள்ளனர்.

சென்னையில் கிளை:

மகாராஷ்டிரா, ஆந்திரா ஆகிய மாநிலங்களில் இந்த அமைப்பின் கிளை அலுவலகங்கள் தொடங்கப்பட்டுள்ள நிலையில் தமிழக கிளை நேற்று தொடங்கப்பட்டது. தொடக்கவிழா மற்றும் ஆலோசனை கூட்டம் சென்னை ராஜா அண்ணாமலை புரத்தில் உள்ள இமேஜ் அரங்கில் நடந்தது.

பின்னர் இந்த அமைப்பின் தலைவர் சுவாமி பூமானந்தா நிருபர்களுக்கு பேட்டி அளித்தார். அவர் கூறியதாவது:

உலக நாடுகளை அச்சுறுத்தும் அளவுக்கு இந்தியா வளர்ந்து கொண்டிருக்கிறது. ஆனால் ஒழுக்க நெறிமுறைகள், அறநெறிகள், மதிப்பீடுகள் இல்லாத வளர்ச்சி என்றாவது ஒருநாள் நிலைகுலைந்து போகும். நாட்டின் ஒழுக்க நெறிமுறைகளை மீட்டெடுக்கும் வகையில் ஊழலை ஒழிப்பதற்காக இந்த புதிய அமைப்பை தொடங்கி இருக்கிறோம்.

இதன்மூலம், ஊழலை அடிப்படையில் இருந்து ஒழிப்பதற்கான நடவடிக்கைகள் மேற்கொள்ளப்படும். இதற்காக கண்காணிப்பு குழுக்களை அமைக்கவும், ஒழுக்கநெறிமுறைகள் தொடர்பான பாடங்களை ஆரம்பக் கல்வியில் சேர்க்கவும் முயற்சி எடுக்கப்படும். இந்த அமைப்பின் தேசிய அளவிலான மாநாடு டெல்லியில் நவம்பர் மாதம் 18, 19ம் தேதிகளில் நடைபெற உள்ளது.

இந்த மாநாட்டை பிரதமர் மன்மோகன் சிங் தொடங்கி வைக்கிறார். இதில் எதிர்க்கட்சி தலைவர் அத்வானி, உச்ச நீதிமன்ற தலைமை நீதிபதி கே.ஜி.பாலகிருஷ்ணன், வெவ்வேறு துறைகளைச் சேர்ந்த வல்லுனர்கள் உள்பட பலர் கலந்துகொள்கிறார்கள்.

அதிர வைக்கும் கறுப்புப் பணம்!:

இந்தியாவின் கறுப்புப் பணத்தை முழுமையாக வெள்ளையாக்கினாலே போதும், முழுப் பிரச்சினையும் தீர்ந்து போகும். சுவீஸ் வங்கியில் போடப்பட்டிருக்கும் இந்தியர்களின் கறுப்பு பணம் மட்டும் ரூ.64 லட்சம் கோடி. இந்த தொகை இந்தியாவின் வெளிநாட்டு கடனை விட 13 மடங்கு அதிகம்.

அந்த பணத்தில் வெளிநாட்டு கடனை அடைத்துவிட்டு எஞ்சிய தொகையை வளர்ச்சிப் பணிகளை மேற்கொண்டால் நாடு எங்கேயோ போய்விடும்.

மக்கள் மீது எந்த வரிச்சுமையும் விழாது. சுவீஸ் வங்கியில் பணம் டெபாசிட் செய்திருக்கும் இந்தியர்களின் பட்டியலை அந்த வங்கியிடம் கேட்டுப்பெற்று பகிரங்கமாக அறிவிக்க வேண்டும். மத்திய அரசு நினைத்தால் இதைச் செய்ய முடியும் என்றார் பூமானந்தா.

அரசியலில் துவங்கும் முதல் ஊழல்!:

மத்திய ஊழல் கண்காணிப்புப் பிரிவின் முன்னாள் கமிஷனர் என்.விட்டல் கூறுகையில், நாம் நினைத்தால் ஊழலை எளிதில் ஒழிக்க முடியும். அதற்கு முதலில் நமது தேர்தல் நடைமுறைகளை மாற்றி அமைக்க வேண்டும். ஏனென்றால் முதல் ஊழல் அரசியலில்தான் துவங்குகிறது..

சுவீஸ் வங்கியில் பணம் போட்டிருக்கும் இந்தியர் பட்டியலை மத்திய அரசு நினைத்தால் கேட்டுப்பெற முடியும். ஆனால் இதை எல்லாம் செய்வார்களா? என்பது சந்தேகம்தான் என்றார் விட்டல்.


The Grand Anicut, also known as the Kallanai, is an ancient dam built on the Kaveri River in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India.It was built by the Chola king Karikalan around the 1st Century AD[1] and is considered one of the oldest water-diversion or water-regulator structures in the world, still in use.[2][3] The Kaveri River forms the boundary between the Erode and Salem districts. The Bhavani River joins the Kaveri at the town of Bhavani, where the Sangameswarar Temple, an important pilgrimage spot in southern India, was built at the confluence of the two rivers. Sweeping past the historic rock of Tiruchirapalli, it breaks into two channels at the island of Srirangam, which enclose between them the delta of Thanjavur (Tanjore), the garden of South India.

September 4, 2008

Fish names in tamil

Shark Sura Meen
Sardines Mathi Meen
Seabass Koduvai Meen
Saw / Gur Kola Meen
Squid Oosi Kanawa
Shrimp / Prawn Eral
Red Snapper Sankara
Seer / King fish Vanjaram
Little Tunny Soorai
Anchovies Nethili
Crab Nandu
Cod Panna
Cat fish Kelluthi
Cuttle Kanawai (one variety of squid)
Halibut Potha
Butter fish Viral (not sure)
Barracuda Sheela
Pomfret Vavval
Mackerel Kanangeluthi
Eel Vilongu

Ribbon fish Vaalai
Tilapia Kari / Neyyi
Leather skin fish Theera
Malabar Trevally Paarai
Yellow Tuna Keerai

20 Foods that will Increase your Studying Effectiveness

Here's some food for thought: what you eat can affect how well you study. It's true; a diet rich in essential fatty acids, fruits and vegetables does wonders for your brain power. Don't worry, pizza counts, as long as you make it whole grain and top it with lots of colorful vegetables and cheese. Check out our list of 20 foods that can help you boost memory and study more effectively.

Fish for good health…

1. Fish: Herring, salmon, tuna, mackerel, halibut, anchovies, sardines and other cold-water fish are your best source of Omega-3 fatty acids, the primary components of the brain, retina and other nerve tissue. Studies have shown that Omega-3 fatty acids boost energy, enhance learning ability, improve problem-solving skills, and boost memory power and enhance communication between brain cells.

Show some soy power…

2. Soy: Foods made from whole, organic soybeans like soy milk and tofu are rich in choline, lecithin and isoflavones. Choline has been proven to positively impact brain development in addition to slowing memory loss, lecithin helps in preventing deposits of plaque in the brain, and isoflavones help improve cognitive function, category fluency, logical memory, spatial cognition and memory recall.

Reap the fruits…

3. Colorful and citrus fruits: Fill your platter with all the colors of the rainbow and a few more, and you’re guaranteed to improve your brain power. Avocados are especially potent in increasing blood flow to the brain because of their mono-unsaturated fat content. Other beneficial fruits that have a positive impact on your brain and help you recall information quickly include cantaloupes, watermelon, tomatoes, plums, pineapples, oranges, apples, grapes, kiwifruits, peaches and cherries.

Berry, berry good…

4. Berries: Blueberries are known for improving motor skills and learning capacity while strawberries are rich in fisetin, a flavenoid that improves memory recall. Elderberries, blackberries and raspberries have other brain power boosting benefits through their antioxidant content.

Go green…

5. Cruciferous and leafy green vegetables: Your mother had a good reason for forcing you to eat your broccoli. Cabbages, kale, turnips, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, collard greens, cauliflowers, radishes, spinach, mustard green and water cress all help retain memory. Other vegetables that are good in boosting brain power are onions, red peppers, lettuce, carrots, asparagus, okra, mushrooms, broccoli and sprouts.

Chalk it up to chocolate…

6. Chocolate: Chocolate is not only delicious, it’s also beneficial to your brain and can help enhance your mood. Natural stimulants boost the production of endorphins that improve focus and concentration. Milk chocolate has been shown to improve verbal and visual memory and boost impulse control and reaction time. Dark chocolate is rich in flavanols that boost blood supply to the brain and help improve cognitive skills.

Go nuts…

7. Nuts: Rich in Vitamins E and B6, folate, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, and antioxidants, these small food items boost your brain power and improve your mood. Nuts The whole nutty family of cashews, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, Brazil nuts and pecans brings some benefit to your brain.

Sow the seeds of wisdom…

8. Seeds: Flaxseeds are a rich source of memory-boosting Omega-3 fatty acids. Roasted pumpkin seeds contain relaxing tryptophan and dry sunflower seeds offer thiamine, a form of Vitamin B that improves memory and cognitive functions.

Gain from grains…

9. Whole grains: The best brain stimulators are grains like whole wheat, wheat germ and bran that contain a high percentage of folate. Oatmeal, brown rice, whole-grain breads and cereals, barley and popcorn boost your blood flow to the brain. Wholegrain breads and cereals contain Vitamin B6 while wheat germ is rich in memory-improving thiamine.

No pea brains here…

10. Pulses and beans: The brain is fueled by glucose, and as it does not produce its own, the supply has to be kept steady from other sources. Rich in antioxidants, iron and other nutrients, beans help stabilize blood sugar levels. Peas, lentils, green beans, lima beans, black beans, kidney beans, and a variety of legumes help energize the brain.

A sage choice…

11. Sage: Whether used as a herb in your food or taken as a supplement in the form of oils and tablets, this member of the mint family has been known to boost levels of the chemical that helps transmit messages to and from the brain. Sage helps in the break down of the enzyme acetylcholine that is needed for the brain to function properly.

Currying brain favor…

12. Curry: This spicy Eastern delicacy is good for your brain because of a key ingredient, turmeric. The chemical curcumin which is abundant in turmeric helps remove plaque from the brain.

Brewing brain cells...

13. Tea: This wonder beverage, when freshly brewed, has been proven to Tea improve memory and focus as well as combat mental fatigue. Green tea is your best bet to good relax mentally and keep your wits sharpened because of the catechines it contains. Black tea, while not as potent as green tea, also works well as a brain enhancer.

Egg those memory functions on…

14. Eggs: A rich source of Vitamin B and lecithin, eggs are good providers of EFAs (essential fatty acids) to the brain. The yolk is especially rich in choline, a basic building block of brain cells that helps improve memory.

Milk the goodness…

15. Calcium-rich foods: Yogurt, cheese, milk and other foods rich in calcium help in improving the function of nerves. Studies have proved that tyrosine, the amino acid in yogurt, is responsible for the production of the neurotransmitters dopamine and noradrenalin. In short, yogurt helps improve alertness and memory.

Beef up your brain cells…

16. Iron-rich foods: A deficiency in iron has been proven to be the most common cause for poor concentration, decreasing intelligence and slow thinking processes. Iron is essential to supplying the brain with the oxygen it needs to continue normal activity. Red meats and liver are the best sources of dietary iron.

Sweeten the process…

17. Carbohydrate-rich foods: When eaten without protein or fat, carbohydrates provide a soothing effect to the brain. The glucose from the carbs provides the fuel the brain needs to energize you. Avoid refined carbohydrates like white bread, pastries and pasta though, as they cause lethargy. Instead, stick to starches and sugars in the form of grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

Super supplements…

18. Supplemental herbs: Gingko biloba is one well-known supplement that improves mental clarity, alertness and memory. It stimulates blood flow to the brain by dilating blood vessels and increasing the supply of oxygen. It also destroys free radicals that are detrimental to brain cells. Others, though not as popular, are equally effective. Rhodiola rosea is a root that is used in the treatment of poor attention span, tiredness and decreased memory capacity. Herbalgram helps renovate oxygen-deprived cells while Panax ginseng has memory enhancing effects.

Oil those brain cells…

19. Organic and plant oils: Get things moving in your brain with memory-boosting essential fatty acids. These EFAs can be found in oils such as olive, walnut and flaxseed. Water

Irrigate your brain…

20. Water: Nearly three fourths of the brain is water, which makes this life-giving liquid an essential component for the smooth functioning of the brain. When dehydration occurs, the brain releases the hormone cortisol which shrinks dendrites, the branches in the brain that store information. This leads to a decrease in memory power. Cortisol also produces adrenaline which affects mental and cognitive functions. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep your brain active and quick.

IT corridor

IT Corridor is an important road connecting Chennai with Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu for a length of 45 km. The road, earlier called Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), starts from Madhya Kailash Temple Junction on Sardar Patel Road in south-east Chennai and terminates on East Coast Road near Mahabalipuram.

In Phase-I, the 20.1 km between Madhya Kailash Temple Junction to Siruseri is being widened to dual three lane carriageway with median, service road, non-motorised vehicle (NMV) lane, pedestrian footpath and planter strip. The ECR Link Road will also be improved to dual two lane carriageway.

It is also proposed to construct a vehicular underpass at Thiruvanmiyur Road Junction. Besides, four or five pedestrian subways are also being planned.

Another significant feature of the Project is the construction of service trenches/ducts for conveying utility lines including electrical, telephony and optic fibre cables/wires so as to avoid digging in future. The water and sewer lines would be conveyed under the footpath.

Extensive landscaping and arboriculture, road side arts and sculpture works and value added services are also being proposed. A ten lane state-of-the-art toll plaza would be located at Perungudi along with a modern Toll Administration-cum-Office Block.

ITEL is also responsible for implementing a comprehensive Rehabilitation and Resettlement Plan for rehabilitating project affected families/structures.

Besides, a number of community development initiatives have also been included in the project scope. A solid waste management project on pilot basis is structured for the Karapakkam Village. Community tree plantation for seven villages along the Corridor is also being proposed. The Government School in Thoraipakkam and Panchayat School in Navalur would be rehabilitated as part of the Project.

The estimated Project Cost of Rs 250 Cr will be funded by contribution from GoTN, TNEB and Service Providers and term loans. This cost excludes cost of land acquisition and rehabilitation and resettlement which are being fully borne by GoTN.

The implementation of IT Corridor Project is in progress and is expected to be completed by late 2008.
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Chennai metro rail

Corridor-1: Washermenpet – Broadway (Prakasam Road), Chennai Central Station – Rippon Building along Cooum River – Tarapore Towers – Spencers – Gemini – Anna Salai – Saidapet – Guindy – Chennai Airport.

Corridor-2: Chennai Fort – Chennai Central – along EVR Periyar Salai – Vepery, Kilpauk Medical College, Aminjikarai, Shenoy Nagar – Annanagar East – Anna Nagar Tirumangalam – Koyambedu – CMBT – along Inner Ring Road – Vadapalani – Ashok Nagar – SIDCO – Alandur – St. Thomas Mount.

Part of this project will be underground and the remaining on elevated portions. The alignment and stations given above are tentative and subject to change during detailed design and execution

The estimated cost of this project (in March 2007 prices) is Rs.9,757 crores. Of this, the Central and State Governments together are expected to contribute about 40%. The balance amount of the expenditure is expected to be met by a loan to be granted by the Japan Bank for International Cooperation.

Tentatively, the project is programmed for completion in the financial year 2013-2014.

September 2, 2008

Major fire broke in saravana stores,t.nagar

A major fire which broke out in a commercial complex in T Nagar early on Monday morning, raged for more than nine hours, exposing the complete lack of compliance with safety norms and civic guidelines by the building’s owners.
Saravana Stores, a multi-storeyed shopping complex, and an adjacent building which housed more than 80 shops on Ranganathan street were gutted in the blaze. Police sources said no one was injured, though two people are missing. The loss of property is estimated at Rs 1.5 crore. At least 15 employees who were staying on the fifth floor of Saravana Stores were rescued. Fire and rescue officials are yet to reveal the cause of the fire.
Experts said the accident was waiting to happen as T Nagar has many buildings that flout fire safety norms and development rules. Most of them exceed the floor space index and do not have the mandatory seven-metre space around the building to allow for movement of service and rescue vehicles. Many shops do not upgrade their transformers and wiring to handle the load of extra electrical fittings, which could lead to short circuits. A maze of narrow streets and huge crowds add to the problem. Police and fire service personnel say it could have been a major tragedy if the fire had broken out during working hours.
Inspector R Srikanth attached to the West Mambalam police station (law and order) reached the spot at 6.05 am. “I noticed the blaze on the third floor of Lucky Plaza. The security guard in Saravana Stores said employees stayed on the fifth floor. The power was out. We went in to rescue the sleeping employees. Twelve employees were brought down,” he said.
Fire and rescue service personnel said they received a call at 6.10 am on Monday from passers-by who noticed thick black fumes coming from the third floor of the five-storey Lucky Plaza complex located adjacent to Saravana stores.
Fire personnel rescued two other employees of Saravana Stores, who were stuck on the third floor. Another employee was rescued after breaking in through the terrace.
Police commissioner R Sekar said, “At least 300 police personnel have been deployed to assist the fire and rescue personnel. The police and fire service personnel rescued at least 15 people. No one was injured in the incident.”
Fire broke out at 6:05 am
Fire brigade arrived at 6:13 am
Loss of property estimated at Rs 1.5 cr
No. of tankers used 20
Personnel roped in to douse the fire 150
Employees who were rescued 15
Due to timely intervention, we restricted the fire from spreading. The buildings which caught fire do not have any firefighting equipment in spite of recent reminders to shop owners
Sources:The times of india

Kathipara flyover by november 08

This clover leaf grade separator was the first project to be taken up in india by the NHAI in chennai and it becomes first place in india to get cloverleaf grade separator.
This project cost was Rs.259 crores and was to be completed by september and it may take november for opening the whole flyover to traffic.It will decongest traffic bound for air port, anna salai and 100ft road.The land acquisition was major reason for the delay in execution of this project and it comes under access to golden quadrilateral project from chennai.Other than this,there are four flyovers are under construction in padi,airport,koyambedu and maduravoyal.Click here for latest info on kathipara flyover.

September 1, 2008

Chennai Live traffic

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