March 22, 2009

IPL to be played outside India

The second season of the Indian Premier League will not be held in India. At the BCCI working commitee meeting today in Mumbai, a decison was taken to stage the tournament outside the country, due to extraordinary circumstances.

"Under the given circumstances, the BCCI is not in a position to either play a truncated IPL or to cancel the second edition of the IPL. It is a matter of great regret that, in the prevailing atmosphere, where the government is expressing concern for providing security to the IPL matches, the BCCI is left with no other option but to conduct the Indian Premier League in another country," the board stated in a media release.

England, South Africa and the MIddle East have emerged as the frontrunners to host the event. Discussions between the BCCI and the respective boards will get underway and a decison is likely in two to three days. "All 59 games will begin at 4:00 pm IST and the second game will begin at 8:00 pm IST as per schedule," said Lalit Modi, the IPL commissioner. He also said there will be no changes made to the format or the schedule. An official announcement is expected soon.

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March 17, 2009


The story of the Slumdog Millionaire shows that all the people are born with unique qualities. It also shows that anyone can be a winner if they have the self-confidence about themselves. The story is about a teen who grew up in the slums, become the contestant for the television show “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” . The Teen is able to answer all the questions and hence the confusion arises as How a Slum Boy can answer such kind of questions? and the people began to think that the teen is cheating. The teen has to answer only one question to bag the big prize, but unfortunately he is being arrested as he was mistaken for cheating in the game. In order to prove his innocence he tells the story of his life in slum to the police officer. He explains how he and his brother lived in the slum, how he met his girl friend and about his adventurous life. He reveals how each part of his life was a key for the questions that were asked in the game. And the most awaited day came, the teen was about to answer for the last question .But he doesn’t know the answer for the last question. He just took a try and gave an answer. Fortunately it was the right answer and this man ultimately won the game and became the Millionaire. He succeeded in the game also in his life by meeting his girl friend and the film ends by the JAI HO song which got the Oscar award, composed by an INDIAN Music Director
A.R. Rahman. His music gave the life for the film. He also won the Golden Globe award for composing the original score for JAI HO. The Slumdog Millionaire was nominated for ten Academy Awards and won eight awards which include awards for Best Director , Best Picture, Best original score and so on. It also won four Golden Globe awards and seven BAFTA awards. The Director of the film is Danny Boyle. The story is adapted from a novel written by the Indian Author. The role of slum teen was performed by Dev Patel as Jamal Malik and the role of slum girl was performed by Freida Pinto as Lathika. It is the film which has to be watched by everyone especially by the teenage peoples.

Chennai in 10 years

As chennai being one of the metro politan city of the nation but does't have a good infrastructure competing with bangalore and hyderabad.But with the present scenario our public tranport integrated with MRTS,metro rail,mono rail,suburban trains and mtc will surely make us detroit of south india.WIth so many malls and shopping complex in operation and underconstrution we can expect a nice weekends .In road infrastructure with numerous flyover,expressways completed and some are under construction makes smooth flow of traffic in the near future.IT highway is a prominent landmark which has lots of IT companies.Inspite of global economic crisis our chennai is improving in all aspects slow and steadily.Another issues are water and waste mangement,then employement with some security.With increase in terrorism making us to expect some modernisation in police like having helicopters and modern weapons to police similar to james bond film.Creating good infrastrucure for sports to conduct common wealth games and olympics in the near future.Some change in the public attitude toward public property like not spitting and damaging public properties,but also change in the dynasty including central government.Rivers with boats plying like thames and adyar eco park and other conservation projects completed .Lastly this are optimistic dream about chennai in 2020.

IT corridor

IT Corridor is an road project connecting Chennai ( near madhya kailash) with Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu over a length of 45 km. It was earlier called as Old Mahabalipuram Road (OMR), starting from Madhya Kailash Temple Junction on Sardar Patel Road in south Chennai and ends in East Coast Road near Mahabalipuram.

TIDEL Park, along with number of BPO and IT/ITES companies was situated in OMR and hence this project provides the facilities for almost all major IT/ITES Companies which are already running in OMR and also for new ones to come up along the IT Corridor. There are also Prominent Institutes and educational institutions such as sathya bhama,Hindustan are also situated in this Corridor.SIPCOT has developed a Cyber City, with over 2000 acres in Siruseri, in the OMR making IT Corridor project to be implemented in world class standard.This project was going to be implemented in two phases.
In Phase-I, from Madhya Kailash Temple Junction to Siruseri will be six laned with median, service road, and pedestrian footpath. The ECR Link Road will also be improved to dual two lane carriageway.Its main aim is for the free flow of traffic in OMR and drawing huge investment from IT companies.For the free vehicular flow,it has proposed to construct a flyover at Thiruvanmiyur Road Junction.
Another feature of the Project is provision of service trenches for laying all types of cables thus avoiding digging in future.