March 17, 2009

Chennai in 10 years

As chennai being one of the metro politan city of the nation but does't have a good infrastructure competing with bangalore and hyderabad.But with the present scenario our public tranport integrated with MRTS,metro rail,mono rail,suburban trains and mtc will surely make us detroit of south india.WIth so many malls and shopping complex in operation and underconstrution we can expect a nice weekends .In road infrastructure with numerous flyover,expressways completed and some are under construction makes smooth flow of traffic in the near future.IT highway is a prominent landmark which has lots of IT companies.Inspite of global economic crisis our chennai is improving in all aspects slow and steadily.Another issues are water and waste mangement,then employement with some security.With increase in terrorism making us to expect some modernisation in police like having helicopters and modern weapons to police similar to james bond film.Creating good infrastrucure for sports to conduct common wealth games and olympics in the near future.Some change in the public attitude toward public property like not spitting and damaging public properties,but also change in the dynasty including central government.Rivers with boats plying like thames and adyar eco park and other conservation projects completed .Lastly this are optimistic dream about chennai in 2020.

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