July 26, 2008


A Java applet is an applet delivered in the form of Java bytecode. Java applets can run in a Web browser using a Java Virtual Machine.Java applets are usually written in the Java programming language but they can also be written in other languages that compile to Java bytecode.
Java applets are executed in a sandbox by most web browsers, preventing them from accessing local data. The applet can be displayed on the web page by making use of the deprecated applet HTML element,specifies the applet's source and the applet's location statistics.
# It is simple to make it work on Linux, Windows and Mac OS i.e. to make it cross platform
# The same applet can work on "all" installed versions of Java at the same time, rather than just the latest plug-in version only. However, if an applet requires a later version of the JRE the client will be forced to wait during the large download.
# It is supported by most web browsers
# It will cache in most web browsers, so will be quick to load when returning to a web page but may get stuck in the cache and have issues when new versions come out.
# It can have full access to the machine it is running on if the user agrees

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