May 28, 2009

Chennai High Speed Circular Corridors

Adyar Corridor [15.845 km]
Section I
Thiru-vi-ka Bridge (Km 0+000) to Nandambakkam Bridge (Km 11+100)
Along Souther bank of Adayar River
11.100 km

Section II
Nandambakkam Bridge (Km 11+100) to Chennai Bypass (Km 15+845)
Along Mount – Poonamalee Road
4.845 km

North Buckingham Canal Corridor [12.300 km]
Section I
Manali Oil Refinery Road (Km 0+000) to Basin Bridge (Km 8+400)
Along Western bank of Buckingham Canal
8.400 km

Section II
Basin Bridge (Km 8+400) to Central Station (Km 10+900)
Along Wall Tax Road
2.500 km

Section III
Central Station (Km 10+900) to Muthuswamy Bridge (Km 11+400)
Along Poonamalee High Road
0.500 km

Section IV
Muthuswamy Bridge (Km 11+400) to war Memorial (Km 12+300)
Along Flag Staff Road
0.900 km

Central Buckingham Canal Corridor [2.860 km]
Swami Sivananda Salai (Km 0+000) to Radhakrishna Salai (Km 2+860)
Along Western bank of Buckingham Canal

Connectivity Between Adayar and Buckingham Canal Corridor

Road Corridor
Radhakrishna Salai to Thiru-vi-ka Bride
5.140 km

Tunnel Corridor [Recommended]
Bharathi Salai (Km 0+000) to Adayar South Bank (6+150)
6.150 km

Mambalam Canal Corridor [5 km]
Adayar River (Km 0+000) to G.N Chetty Road (Km 5+000)
Along Mambalam Canal
5 km

Inner Ring Road Corridor [5.95 km]
Jafferkhanpet Bridge (Km 0+000) to Koyambedu (Km 5+950)
Along Inner Ring Road (IRR)
5.950 km

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ku said...

Adayar high speed corridor Section 1 is going to destroy that river irrevocably with 300 to 500 npers over 11km length occupying 10 to 20 meter of river space .Even God cannot save/restore the river even if He desires, once the project is started!! .So far no opposition worth the name has taken place ..Better take up the protest before final DPR is made