June 4, 2009

Global & local -asin

Asin, on a visit to the city recently, took everyone by surprise when she announced that she can read Tamil! “N e e n g a A z h a g a Irukeenge... that’s very sweet,” she said, reading out a message written to her. The endearing lass continued to warm up to the audience and refused to be drawn into controversy when asked to compare Suriya and Aamir Khan, her co-stars in the Tamil and Hindi version of Ghajini. Coming up with a polished and diplomatic reply, she said, “They have more similarities than differences. Their obsession with work is great. Both of them want to make sure that things come out perfect on-screen.”
Looks like working with these two talented stars has had an effect on the actress too! We’re sure she’s ready to take the next big step (The 19th Step at that!) in cinema.

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