March 11, 2008

Epileptic EEG detection

Atlast we got the output for our project.Our project is Approximate Entropy Based Epilepsy EEG Detection Using Artificial Neural Networks.Usually neurologist will see the electroencephalogram (EEG) and comes to a conclusion whether a patient has epilepsy or not.It has possibility for wrong diagnosis hence we came up with this idea of detecting epilepsy by getting the input(eeg) from patient and comparing it with the eeg's of various epilepsy with the elman learning algorithm.I hope this will be a boon to doctors as they can concentrate on the treatment rather than diagnosis.


Riyaaz said...

Hi....I am in an urgent need of the project of advanced entropy based detection of epilepsy if you have it please send it to me on will be boon for me and i will be obliged...thank you

Riyaaz said...

could you please send me the whole project of approximate entropy based detection of epilepsy...i need it urgently and i will be obliged