August 12, 2008

Beijing olympics 2008

This time the olympics was being held in china ,the unique feature of olympics in chna was the 91,000-seat Bird’s Nest stadium,the official opening of olypics was started on 8pm,aug 08,2008 and the fireworks dazzled with the thunder of 2,008 performers drumming on traditional fou percussion instruments rolled throughout the stadium. An typical China’s invention of movable type—ho hum, morphed into a vast sea of undulating cubic shapes, simulating a giant computer keyboard.
When five-time Olympic medal winner Li Ning prepared to ignite the Olympic flame, invisible wires swooped him skyward for a gravity-defying space-walk around the stadium’s rooftop opening and gymnast launched a successful sports clothing and accessories empire after snagging three gold medals in Los Angeles, finally lit a gigantic torch perched on the rim of the Bird’s Nest.Another good news for india is that our 10m shooter abhinav bindra have won gold medal for our country and this is the first ever individual gold won by our country.Usually our hockey team used to bag gold medal for us,but the last gold medal bagged by our hockey team is well before 20 years.Anyway winning gold medal in the initial stage of this olympics has given indian fans a hope that india will be in top 10 in the medals tally.