August 8, 2008

usman road flyover by aug 14

This flyover was built on usman road to ease the congestion on pothys and panagal
park junction respectively.Again its record by corporation as this project was completed in 10 months itself.The escalation of the cost of construction material did not deter the contractor — Gammon India — from continuing the work. Girders were transported during midnight hours to avoid obstruction of traffic. The Usman Road project cost Rs 19.8 crore to the state exchequer, sources said. The DMK-led council has resolved to build at least 16 flyovers and subways in the city at the cost of Rs 380 crore. “We want the city to be free-from congestion. The previous AIADMK government shelved all the projects conceived by the erstwhile DMK council. They failed to think of any transportation project for the future,” Chennai mayor M Subramanian.sources:Times Of India.

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