February 8, 2008


our project co ordinator asked us to re do the review on wed so we decided to go to college on wed.Here comes the twist to the story day b4 wed prasoon called me and told " i am not feeling well ".So me and manoj decided to go by bike.I started earlier from my home to camp road and bhai joined me,from camp road bhai rided the bike .Lastly we reached the college through the darkas road which was under construction

Unfortunately security did't allow us to enter the college and the reply was very awkward,so we decided to go to lake near by our college bus stand .One of the fortunate thing is that i carried my dig cam with me.we went to that lake and took some photos,i hope this road will be a four way road but only thing is that the duration of the project is not fixed.

injambakkam ---a tourist spot
coming soon

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