February 12, 2008

Injambakkam Beach-a nice place to hang out

This trip to beach along with my friends is not pre planned but it all happened.The sun rised and i raised from my bed ,finishing all my morning routines and headed towards bhai's house in my HERO HONDA .But i don't know which face i faced first on that day,it was full obstacles and failures.The first obstacle came in the form of chennai traffic police,there were around three policemen who were catching two wheelers and i was one among that two wheeler.I was thrown lot of questions from them
Did you have rc?
Did you have insuarance?
Did you have road tax bill?etc
I told them"i have only liecence sir"
police:If you go to court ,then you have to pay 500
police1:sir is very strict give 50 and run away
ME:sir i am having review and i should reach there
long conversation took place but i don't want to write as this post is mainly on beach
Atlast i reached bhai's house and from there bhai rided the bike towards the college and reached through darkas road ,which was under construction.The another terror came in the form of security who refused our entry into the college and he said if you met with the accident on the road,then our college name will be spoiled.We don't want to do review on that .Hence we returned to bhai's house,malar one of my friend came and told "dey bike irruke beachku polama"I also intersested and said okay.We went to injambakkam beach in my bike ,bhai was riding carefully because we are going in triples.Atlast we reached injambakkam beach.First we were just take snaps
,after sometime we entered into the beach and had a nice moment.we were there for nearly 2 hours but it went in 2minutes.We started back to our homes,i dropped bhai and malar in camp road and returned to my house.

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