February 12, 2008


Smorty is the website which acts as an excellent bridge that serves as a connection between advertisers and bloggers.I am very much interested in blogging and my goal is to share my views on society,one day i came to know from my friend about smorty.He told all the requirements that are neccessary for the eligibility for applying for smorty.If you want to qualify for smorty,then you mustupdate your blog regularly ,without adult content and your blog must have enough visitors and decent back links.If you fullfill the above criteria,then you are eligible for applying.

The aim of every advertiser is to get quality reviews from bloggers and the blogger has to write his opinions onproducts, services and websites.The offers are given to bloggers based on google page rank,alexa,smorty score etc.Once the blog is approved we can make use of the available opportunities to write posts for the advertisers. Smorty is the best place for adverisers to advertise on quality blogs and bloggers to get paid to blog

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