February 19, 2008

Rise of nations

I am a game freak and i will download games whenever it is release into the market.But nowadays it is hard to find free downloadable games.The best game i came across is "RISE OF NATIONS"which is a old game from microsoft.This game is similar to age of empires,but only difference is graphics and technology.In this game you can reach till modern age which supports nuclear missile,anti aircraft gun,aircraft carrier,submarine,destroyer,infants etc.The gathering of resources is improved in corresponding to the latest techniques.The country which controls more than 70% territory
has won the game by coquest.The other mode of winning the game are wonder points,it is awarded based on how many wonder you construct on your territory and the other one by re-taking the enemy's capital by conquering using army and other forces.This game is very famous among youngsters.The new resources include oil,which is basic resource and the other one is rare resource.The rare resources are likecoal,diamond,tobacco,fish,gems ,
salt,uranium etc..each resource has a unique feature which makes your society more powerfull.The other important feature is forts,which are very defensive when they are constucted nearer to the enemy territory and also they can train generals and spy.
The general is to make troops efficient and spy is to bribe the enemies.A nice game for time pass.

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